srikant pandey founder of marriage thrills
Srikant Pandey, Founder of MMB

Hello everyone,

I’m Srikant Pandey, an entrepreneur passionate about bringing innovative ideas to life. In 2020, I founded Modern MarriageBiodata to revolutionize digital invitations with unique designs at affordable prices. Our motto is “Help others, and God will help you”, so we offer creative designs at minimal costs.

Discover our distinctive Marriage Biodata templates on Modern MarriageBiodata. We believe that marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and your first impression lasts forever. Join us on this beautiful journey and spread happiness.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Srikant Pandey

❤️ Who We Are, Lets Find Out!!

Modern Marriage Biodata is the top-rated online platform for customized Digital Invitations and marriage biodata creation. Our wide range of templates includes wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, engagement invitations, mundan cards, pooja cards, housewarming invitations, and more. With an emphasis on unique designs and the cheapest prices in the market, we strive to create great first impressions through our digital invites. Join us at Modern Marriage Biodata for innovative and unique creations.

❤️Modern Marriage Biodata focused on five fundamental principles 
  1. Provide the best and most attractive digital design template at a minimal cost.
  2. Create your bold and interesting impression on the viewer and add a wow effect on each e-card.
  3. Supports you for every query with our best chat tool and friendly customer support.
  4. Your data are the foremost priority for us and we follow the strong security of your data.
  5. To reduce stereotyped profiles and switch to a smarter way to represent yourself for your marriage and any other occasions.
❤️What makes us different?

We love what we do, and that’s how we offer something that no other product in the online digital invitation industry offers and proves us as e invite maker online marketplace.
All out Modern Marriage Biodata templates have eye-catching and unbeatable designs and we have a large category of templates based on individual Choices,  preferences, religion, and pages.

Trust and security are our main priorities that’s how we move together. If you never try……you will never know..try something

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